You have all kinds of opportunities to update your website.  With a little bit of training, you'll find yourself confident and ready to go.

We've prepared brief video tutorials for our most common questions.  If you need to schedule additional training, please contact us today.

Editing Website Content

Log Into Your Website

Create a New Page

Manage Your Product Catalog

Add a Blog Article

Manage Your Menus

Sort and Manage Content

Add a Career Listing

Add an Event

Add a Client Testimonial

How to Use the Body/Field

Changing Your Site Structure

Administrative Menu Overview

Change Site Information (Name, Slogan, Default Email)

Add Google Analytics Information

Administer Blocks

Edit Footer Information

Other Helpful Links

How to Make It Easier for People to Write You a Google Review

Adding a User/Admin in Google Analytics

Social Sharing Cheat Sheet

Adding an Administrator on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

How to Use our Review Platform to Get Reviews for your Business

If you require additional training or would like to engage our team to do some custom development work for you we are happy to help.  Please contact us today.

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Can't find what you're looking for? Click Here for Support