What’s Your Revenue Growth Strategy?

We believe the key to great marketing and sales is to focus on the goal: Revenue Growth!


The Goal: Revenue Growth!

It sounds obvious to say, but the goal of sales and marketing is revenue growth.

In the world of shiny marketing objects and monthly sales quotas, we can get focused on the tactics and forget the overall goal. As a result, marketing and sales tactics become misaligned, sometimes working against each other.

We help you build a Revenue Growth Engine that aligns your current sales and marketing efforts to drive growth.

We do this by focusing on the two growth drivers: Net-New Business and Cross-Selling Current Clients.


How Could You Double Revenue In Three Years?

To experience exponential revenue growth you simply need modest growth in these two areas. Look what happens when you get this right.


Net-New Customers


Revenue per Customer


The Strategy

We help drive exponential revenue growth by driving net-new sales and cross-selling current customers.


1. Grow Net-New customers

Net-new business is the lifeblood of a business. There are two types of prospects: those who are looking and those who are not looking. For those who are looking we help you build and fine-tune your inbound marketing strategy. For those who are not looking we help you focus and maximize your outbound prospecting efforts.


2. Cross Sell Current Customers

You are sitting on a potential goldmine. With all of the new products, services, and solutions you offer, it’s time to get serious about cross-selling current customers. Not only does this drive more revenue, it creates deeper client loyalty, helping sustain your business.


3. Present a Clear Message

Your market knows and trusts you for your legacy products or services. Now that you offer a full portfolio of products, services, and solutions, do your customers and prospects understand the outcomes you can deliver? If they are confused you risk leaving a lot of potential business on the table.


What’s Holding You Back?

We’re prepared this special report to help you answer that question: Seven Common Barriers to Business Growth.


The world needs great companies that provide meaningful work and give generously to their communities. Convergo helps great companies grow revenue so that they can provide more jobs and give more to their communities.


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