Convergo began as Dealer Marketing Systems in 2004 with a vision to help office equipment dealers, document management integrators, and managed IT providers embrace the opportunities of converging markets. Heavily focused on solutions sales training, the founder, Darrell Amy, believed that it was critical for the sales and marketing message to align.

Websites (2004)

Our first client website went online in mid 2004. Instead of being just a slick online brochure we structured the website to be an online resource, featuring ways that prospects could benefit from the technology.

Solution Sales Training (2004)

With the growth of document management solutions, we traveled across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia between 2004 and 2010 training hardware sales people how to sell solutions. During this time we made friends with leading software and hardware companies as we helped deliver training to their new partners. That’s also when our president, Bill Poole, first got involved with the company.

Search Engine Optimization (2006)

Our first search engine project was in a major market in the southeast United States. We helped a copier dealer get on page one of Google. Shortly after that, our SEO business began to grow quickly as we maximized placement for our clients in large, medium, and small markets.

Managed Print Services Marketing (2007)

As MPS began to grow we became involved with several projects involving printer OEMs and managed print software companies. We implemented marketing strategies in copier dealers while also getting to know many IT partners. This was also the beginnign of our first OEM partnership.

Blogging (2009)

When we first launched blogging we had to explain what the word meant as it was such a new strategy in 2009. Today, our team writes hundreds of custom blog articles each month to support our Get Found, Get Leads, and Get Appointments strategies with helpful content.

Social Media (2011)

Our first social media client virtually begged us to get into the business because he was struggling with keeping the company social pages updated. Since then, social media management has been our fastest growing service as companies realize the need to create a vibrant social media presence.

Social Selling (2015)

One of our favorite people is Larry Levine. As a sales rep on the streets of Los Angeles, he used social to sell $1.3 million in hardware in a net-new territory in just 12 months. Since then, Larry has gone on to found the Social Sales Academy, training and coaching sales reps around the world in how to use social to grow sales. Larry also continues to advise our team.

HubSpot and Inbound Marketing (2016)

We started talking about HubSpot in 2008. We started using it internally in 2014. Based on what we learned we decided to build a world-class inbound marketing team staffed by people with industry experience. This team originally went to market as Prospect Builder, led by Lindsay Kelley, a respected inbound guru. Shortly after that, Bryant Duhon, our content conductor, came over from AIIM where he was the magazine editor. The team quickly became a HubSpot Gold partner, serving copier dealers and IT companies across North America.

Convergo (2018)

Digitally connected and socially empowered buyers challenge all of us to enhance and integrate our sales and marketing strategies. Convergo brings together the deep sales experience of the Dealer Marketing team with the inbound marketing knowledge of the Prospect Builder team. Together, we are integrating best practices into our clients’ businesses to enable growth and facilitate convergence. Tightly integrated sales and marketing strategies will continue to define our offerings going forward.

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