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The Inbound Sales and Marketing Blog

Convergo To Provide Fanatical Prospecting Training for the Office Technology Industry

by Darrell Amy on March 4, 2019

f6fa06ec-fp-3d2_06w08f05c07b00u00cConvergo now offers Fanatical Prospecting training to help office technology dealers and managed services providers drive more consistent and effective sales prospecting activity.

Convergo is licensed by Sales Gray to deliver Fanatical Prospecting training and coaching.

Fanatical Prospecting Summer Boot Camp for Copier RepsBased on the best-selling book, Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount, the training equips reps with the latest tools and techniques to prospect on the phone, handle brush-offs, and overcome objections. Participants are also coached on how to integrate email and social into the prospecting strategy.

"We are excited to certify Convergo to train our most popular sales program, Fanatical Prospecting,” commented Jeb Blount, Founder and CEO of Sales Gravy and author of Fanatical Prospecting. “Convergo is a sharp and innovative company with deep knowledge of and robust connections in the office technology space. Their team is highly skilled and they will transform their clients into sales machines."  

Growing net-new business is the #1 challenge we hear from dealers,” said Darrell Amy, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Convergo. “Fanatical Prospecting is a great fit since everything we do is geared to helping our clients win net-new business.”

A conversation around your net-new business strategy. Let's Talk.

Convergo is releasing Fanatical Prospecting as a part of an overall Strategic Prospecting program. Sales reps are equipped with automated sequences of emails, scripted phone calls, and social touches targeted at vertical markets.

Powered by HubSpot Sales Hub, sales reps are able to efficiently complete blocks of prospecting calls in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes to prospect. This efficiency combined with the Fanatical Prospecting training drives measurable sales results while providing measurable prospecting activity that holds reps accountable.

Harry Spaight, Sales Director for HGI Technologies, commented on the results: “Fanatical Prospecting training has been a real game changer. They have helped us by taking out the guesswork. We are prospecting like never before and are having much better conversations due to the quality of the training.”

“Many of the dealers we work with are fans of Fanatical Prospecting,” said Bill Poole, Partner at Convergo. “Now we are able to bring these best practices to dealers in a format customized to our industry.”

Dealers can schedule Fanatical Prospecting training for their sales teams by contacting Bill Poole at bpoole@convergomarketing.com.

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About Convergo

Convergo Marketing is a HubSpot Gold Agency Partner.Convergo helps office technology dealers and managed services providers grow net-new business through marketing and sales prospecting services. Services include digital marketing, inbound marketing, and strategic prospecting. Led by a team with in-the-field industry sales experience, Convergo has served the industry with innovative services for over 15 years. Convergo is a HubSpot Gold Agency Partner. Click here to visit the Convergo home page.

About Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy was founded in 2006 by bestselling author and thought leader, Jeb Blount. Today the company is a globally recognized leader in sales training and enablement solutions. Sales Gravy’s proven systems and methodologies are leveraged by executives and sales teams at the most recognized companies in the world. Click here to learn more.

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