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You’ve found a marketing partner that understands both sales and your industry.

Marketing agencies tend to get distracted with shiny objects. While we a geek-out on the latest marketing strategies, we never forget the real purpose of marketing is driving revenue growth by supporting sales.

Website Management

Continuously improve your web presence with a clear message that resonates with buyers.


Outcomes Inventory

You have an inventory of products and services you sell. However, your clients buy outcomes like “increased security” or “better expense management”. So, we work with you to create an inventory of outcomes that you can deliver, cross-referencing these with each of your core products and services.



You always have fresh articles on your website that helps your prospects and customers improve their business. This content gets indexed by search engines. It also provides the foundation for social media shares and newsletters.

Website Management

Rather than build a new website we manage your existing site with the goal of continuous improvement. Each quarter we identify sections of the site to enhance with your Story Brand, building pillar pages that feature the outcomes your new products and services deliver.

Social Media

Keep an active company social media presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We manage your social media to ensure you have a consistent presence to stay top-of-mind with your prospects and customers.

Success Stories

Build credibility in new business areas with case studies featuring local companies using your new services. We interview your sales rep and that client to create powerful success stories to use on your website and during the sales process.

Product Catalogs

Prospects go to your website looking for information. Make sure to have the latest product information available for them. We manage catalogs of the technologies from the vendors you represent.

Inbound Marketing

Get found online and convert visitors to actionable sales opportunities.


Search Engine Optimization

Ensure your company shows up on page one of Google and other search engines in your local markets. We work to secure and maintain top search placement for the products, services, and solutions you sell.

Paid Advertising

Maximize your exposure with effective paid advertising across search engines and social media sites. We ensure your ads are effective and linked to the right pages to drive lead conversions.


Turn website visitors into actionable sales leads with calls-to-action throughout your site. Special reports, e-books, checklists, and meeting offers create incentive for buyers to share contact information.

Visitor ID

Not every visitor to your website will fill out a form. By cross-referencing the IP addresses of your website visitors with a database of corporate IP addresses, we are able to tell you what companies are coming to your website providing valuable sales intelligence.

Lead Manager Coaching

Online leads need to be followed up on within minutes. We coach your Internet Lead Manager how to qualify and convert incoming leads to sales appointments. They also learn now to mine website and social data to find sales opportunities.



Online chat lets website visitors ask questions in real time. We coach your Internet Lead Manager on how to convert these conversations into in-person appointments.

Customer Communication

Develop a regular communication cadence with your customers to build loyalty a cross-sell additional services.


Keep your clients informed about the latest ways to leverage technology to deliver business outcomes. We help you produce and deliver a monthly newsletter to your clients that shares new ideas, helping you cross-sell new products, services, and solutions.

Cross-Sell Campaigns

Not all of your clients are candidates for your new services and solutions. We help you segment your client list based on their cross-sell potential. Then we develop cross-sell email campaigns to make sure your clients know how your additional offerings could help their business.


Events like lunch & learns, webinars, and open-houses are great forums to introduce your clients to new products, services, and solutions. We help you drive attendance with promotional emails, social media, and print collateral. We integrate ticketing along with a follow up email workflow.

Marketing Automation

We help you power your revenue growth engine by integrating powerful marketing and sales automation platforms. Much like you carry multiple product lines, we offer two great options.

HubSpot brings you a powerful suite of sales and marketing automation tools to automate your revenue growth engine. Convergo is a HubSpot Gold Agency Partner. You can look to us to configure your new HubSpot portal. We are experienced in building on the HubSpot platform including calls-to-action, landing pages, email workflows, sales sequences, and websites.

SharpSpring offers an affordable suite of marketing and sales tools to help drive revenue growth. Marketing tools include email, calls-to-action, landing pages, and nurturing workflows. Sales tools include website visitor ID and prospecting sequences. Convergo is a SharpSpring agency partner. We are experienced at building calls-to-action, landing pages, email campaigns, and sales sequences on the platform.

From a Team That Knows Your Business

Unlike local marketing agencies that don’t know your business or sales training companies that don’t understand marketing, Convergo brings it all together with a team that knows how to grow revenue.

Darrell Amy

Chief Innovation Officer

Lisa Dalton

Sales Coaching

Lindsay Meade

Client Marketing

Bill Poole

Growth Strategist

“They understand our industry.”

We wanted to update our Website and tie a marketing strategy with it. We had previously talked to a number of web designers, but none of them had complete understanding of our industry until we met the team at Convergo.

Mike Blake Corporate Business Systems

“I am very pleased with the results.”

I am very pleased with the results we are getting from our Search Engine Optimization program with Convergo. They have been able to get us top placement in Google for the markets we serve. This is resulting in more traffic to our website and will be a huge boost as we grow our business.

John Kerling United Business Systems

“Expert execution of inbound.”

Sophisticated online marketing initiatives requires holistic planning, collaborative development processes, and expert execution. Our new journey into inbound marketing would not have occurred without such confidence in these—hallmarks of a Convergo managed marketing services engagement.

Robert Caldwell Datamax

Marketing Strategies Blog

Check out some of our latest thinking about how to leverage marketing to drive revenue.

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