An inbound sales and marketing workshop aligns your entire company around your inbound sales and marketing strategy, helping your maximize your results..


Buyer 2.0

Who is Buyer 2.0 and how do we reach them?

Qualified Leads

How does Marketing hand qualified inbound leads off to the Sales Team?

Closing the Deal

How should your Sales Team interact with inbound leads and Buyer 2.0?

Why Host an Inbound Workshop?

An inbound marketing workshop is an important learning experience for your organization. Your team gets an overview of what inbound marketing and inbound sales are and how prospects are making buying decisions in today’s digital marketplace. You’ll learn about the changes your dealership needs to make to its sales process in order to become relevant to buyers and connect with them in an age where messaging is filtered and gatekeepers are relentless.  Each session of the workshop builds on the overall picture of what it takes to implement inbound at your copier dealership and how vital each person in the dealership is to success.

Download a sample Inbound Marketing and Sales Workshop Agenda

Getting Started

Are you ready to implement Inbound? Convergo helps you get started correctly.

Sessions include:

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Once the inbound workshop is complete, 
you can expect:

  • Company wide understanding of the direction your dealership will be heading in for achieving net new growth
  • Leadership and sales buy-in (vital to success)
  • The “why” behind implementing the inbound methodology and the assistance needed from all departments
  • Understanding of the importance of positioning individuals as industry experts
  • Social media and the role of each employee in it’s success
  • How Google and SEO work

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