Driving net-new business can be a challenge. We equip your sales team with automated email sequences to increase the effectiveness of their prospecting. We coach them to maximize success. You get the metrics to see the results.


HubSpot Sales

We teach your reps how to launch automated email prospecting sequences from Outlook.

Prospecting Strategies

Your reps will learn new strategies to prospect by integrating email, call, and social sequences.


You get a dashboard showing you the prospecting activity and results of your sales team.

What Is Inbound Sales?

According to HubSpot, the Inbound Sales Methodology covers every step of the buyer’s journey from stranger to customer, and each corresponding salesperson’s action.

Smart sales team recognize these trends and integrate digital prospecting and social media into their business development strategies. Inbound Sales uses tools that help you personalize every interaction to appeal to precisely the right leads, in the right places, at just the right time in their buying journey.   

The end result? You generate more net-new business!

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What inbound sales services are available to my company?

  • Inbound Sales Workshop

  • Email template creation for using existing content in the sales process

  • Monthly sales meetings for follow up and accountability checking

  • Monthly LinkedIn training session

  • Content mapping to your existing sales process

Helping Sales Reps Know When to Use Content in the Sales Process

Traditionally, reps could pick up the phone and connect with a prospect. Today, that is much more difficult, if not impossible. Prospects’ time is in demand, so how can you break through in the age of caller id, voice mail, and text? 

Connecting on a Digital Sales Level

You need to connect with prospects on a digital level. What does that mean? The questions you used to answer about copiers, document management, or managed IT services when you met a prospect face to face need to be addressed digitally...on your website, on social media, or in your email communications. As you build credibility and trust with prospects, your sales team can then engage more qualified (and receptive) leads - greatly improving conversion.

You’ll need guidance and training for your sales team on how to leverage inbound marketing. Once your sales team understands the "why" behind all of this and where content fits into the dealership’s sales process, you’ll be able to watch as prospects explore your site, become curious, and convert from a lead to a customer.

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