Special Report: Google and Your Dealership

New ways to get top Google Search ranking

convero-ebook-googleSearch for “copiers” and your city and who comes up?
There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your competition dominate the search returns. 
Everyone wants to get their dealership on page one of Google. But the way you get there has changed. When you understand the new way that Google and the other search engines work you put yourself in a position to come out on top for a wide variety of search terms.
This Special Report gives you a concise view of what it takes to be successful in search engines. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of the key things Google looks for and what you can do to gain competitive advantage.

What You'll Learn

  • A Google strategy that works
  • What Google wants to see with regard to your website
  • On and off-page optimization strategies
  • Social Media's impact on Google Rankings

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