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Maximize your prospecting efforts by automating your sales prospecting process.

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Prospecting has always been hard. Today it’s even harder. Cold-call blocking gatekeepers no longer exist, but now it's worse. Cold calls are now blocked with the push of a button - and no one reads junk email. Prospects have gotten smart. You need to be smarter. 


How It Works

We help your sales reps and tele-prospectors maximize their effectiveness with automated sales prospecting sequences. When sales reps make a cold call in person or on the phone, they can then launch a pre-configured sequence of emails and call-backs. These sequences are targeted to the type of buyer: finance, IT, or operations. When buyers interact with the emails, your reps get instant notification, helping them strike when the iron is hot.

1. Sales Sequences

Every 90 days you get a fresh set of customizable email and call-back sequences that are customized to financial, IT, or operations decision makers.These can be dripped out to your prospects following a cold call.

2. Real-Time Intel

Sales reps can see what companies are coming to your website and who is reading your emails, giving them real-time intel on who might be interested.

3. Sales Coaching

We teach your sales reps, tele-prospectors, or sales development reps (SDRs) how to use the system. You get the activity data to hold them accountable and coach for improvement.

How can I drive more sales prospecting?

Every company can benefit from more consistent prospecting. To make this a reality, prospecting needs to be predictable and measurable. Sales sequences help sales reps implement a consistent prospecting strategy with regular touch points on their target accounts, while giving them follow up activities with scripted call-backs. All of this is measured in dashboards so you can see the true prospecting activities by your sales team.


How does HubSpot fit into all of this?

HubSpot Sales tools unleash more effective prospecting in your company. Each quarter, we’ll load new sequences of emails that your sales reps can use to reach their key targets like CFOs, IT managers, and operations managers. Your reps will be able to see who opens their emails with notifications to their phones. When its time for phone prospecting, your reps will sit down to call lists with pre-written call scripts. Real-time dashboards give you insight into the activity and results of your team’s prospecting. Learn More >>

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The Rules of Engagement in Sales Have Changed. Have You?


Buyer Behavior Has Changed: Sales and Marketing Must Unite


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