Copier Dealer’s Survival Guide to Growing Net New Business

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Do you know what top copier dealerships are doing to attract their buyers?

Go to your website right now and pretend you have never been there and don’t know the first thing about buying a copier or document management. Your website needs to answer the questions your customers and potential customers have. Does it? 
Top dealerships in the copier industry have stated to embrace the buyer’s journey and the path they take on their website. Its how 89% of B2B purchases begin. A google search. But first, they needed to understand their buyer in order to be found online.

Will you be found online by your prospects? Only if you know your buyer and know what they are looking for. 

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In this guide, you’ll discover: 

  • How your buyer researches systematically in the time leading up to a copier or managed services purchase
  • The three steps you’ll need to take to be relevant to your prospects in their online research
  • What your website is missing to attract qualified leads for your sales team