Why Search Engine Placement is Important For Your Copier Dealership–And How To Get Top Rankings


Current research shows that 93% of B2B technology buyers look to Google as their first source of information. Given that reality, technology dealers that want to succeed need to consider their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

The good news is that Search Engine Optimization works. You can get ranked in your local market. And this will deliver results. (more…)

Copier Dealers and Search Engine Optimization: What Keywords Do You Want?


“We want to be on page one of Google!”

As I talk to copier dealer principals every day, this is a common statement. But the question that always follows is, “What search terms do you want to get found for?” Typically, the answer is, “We want to get found for ‘copiers [insert city name]’ or ‘[insert copier brand and city name]’”

While it is certainly not a bad thing to be found for “copiers” in your city, the real question should be, “What are people searching for related to what we sell.”