Sales Prospecting With a Positive Attitude

Prospecting is hard - and keeping a positive attitude while getting a string of rejections is even harder. Use these tips to stay positive - and bring that positive prospecting to your potential clients.Consistent prospecting is essential for sales success. Without a steady stream of prospects, the funnel dries up. Then you end up taking desperation deals and flipping your base.

Effective prospecting requires a positive attitude. The challenge is that if there is one thing that can chip away at your attitude, it’s the rejection you get while prospecting. As a sales professional, you need a proactive plan to keep a positive attitude.

In today’s negative world, a positive attitude stands out. A positive attitude is contagious.

Don Hutson offers inspiration on the importance of a positive attitude in the first chapter of Selling Value:

“High performers are motivated and ready to make great things happen! If they get some motivation from their boss or significant other, or another source, that’s fine, but they understand that their PRIMARY source of motivation comes from within.”

Our responsibility as sales professionals, sales leaders, and business owners (all of us are in sales) is to maintain a positive attitude.

How can you cultivate a positive attitude to fuel your prospecting? Here are a few ideas! (more…)

What Would You Do If 100 Prospects and Customers Were Lined Up Outside Your Business Right Now?

100 people curious about your products isn't a dream - it's your website's daily reality. Are you taking advantage or are you missing out on net-new business opportunities?Imagine if you had 100 people lined up outside your business right now. What would you do? Certainly, you’d send someone out to greet them. You’d ask how you could help. You’d get the prospects involved in sales situations. You’d do your best to answer customer questions and send them to support if necessary.

100 people lining up outside your business sound like a dream? What if it happened every day? (more…)

What’s In Your Net-New Business Playbook?

How consistent is your sales team at bringing in net-new business? Without a consistent stream of opportunities entering the top of the funnel, the end-of-month results will be disappointing. Instead of net-new, the revenue will be primarily be from flipping the MIF.

A process is a series of steps for a repeated outcome. Processes bring predictability, efficiency, and consistency to net-new business.

Every business has processes:

  • Service processes like service call entry and ticket management ensure happy customers.
  • Financial processes like order fulfillment and collections ensure a controlled financial environment.
  • HR processes like on-boarding and benefits administration ensure compliance and happy employees.

While businesses have all kinds of critical processes, when it comes to generating net-new sales, it’s often hard to find documented processes in place.

Without processes in place, business becomes chaos. (more…)

Why the Inside Sales Model Makes Sense For The Office Technology Industry

Your office technology company is missing a very important part of a successful sales team - and inside sales team. Learn what your dealership has been missing out on - and how to stop letting those sales opportunities slip away.Every dealership wants to grow net-new business. However, using field sales reps as the sole source of prospecting leads to inconsistent results. That’s why most technology companies outside the office equipment industry have inside sales teams with Sales Development Reps (SDR’s) focused exclusively on developing new business opportunities.

As we’ve been coaching and equipping inside sales teams with the latest automated prospecting strategies combined with monitoring market triggers, I’ve become more and more convinced that inside sales team are an effective strategy  for dealers who want to grow new business. Here’s why:

Want More Appointments? The Trend Is Your Friend

"The trend is your friend" applies to more than just investors. Sales can use "the trend" to capture the attention of decision makers.

Sales reps and marketing professionals struggle to get attention with decision makers when talking about copiers since these products are viewed as commodities. Yet if we don’t get the attention of decision makers we cannot sell anything.

How do you get the attention of a decision maker? Talk about something interesting to them. (more…)

Why You Need Case Studies

Is your dealership still creating case studies? It should be if you want to continue to connect with your prospects.As you grow new business areas like Managed Services, Document Solutions, Production Print or Wide Format one of the most valuable tools you can have are case studies.  Let’s face it — everyone knows and trusts you as a great provider of copiers. And, the value proposition for a copier or printer is fairly simple.

The trust you have for office equipment may not immediately translate into these new business areas.  Just because you have serviced someone’s copiers for 20 years doesn’t mean they will trust you with their network support or workflow software.

At the same time, the value propositions for these new areas is more complex than a value proposition for a copier.  Your clients understand what they are buying when they buy a copier (for the most part…) but they may not understand the full value proposition of a cloud-based document management system or a managed network security package.