Browser Compatibility

Browser technology continues to change. As companies like Microsoft update their browsers they discontinue support for previous browsers. We support the same web browsers that Microsoft supports.

As of January 12, 2016 Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and IE 11 is only supported from a security and bug fix perspective if they are using Windows Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Microsoft's latest browser is Edge. According to CNN Money, "Anyone who continues to use an out-of-date browser could put themselves at risk for malware and cyber attacks.” 
We test all new websites in the current version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge (Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer). We’ll also provide limited testing in Internet Explorer 11 as Microsoft’s support is limited to bug fixes and security updates. We’ll do our best to provide a great user experience in older browsers but many of the latest design techniques and trends preclude the use of older browsers. 
Mobile browser testing only occurs if you purchase a mobile responsive website. We’ll test in Safari in the latest version of IOS and common recent implementation of Chrome for Android. Note that many providers of Android devices may provide a custom implementation of their web browsers so we’ll not be able to test in every version available but will do our best to accommodate the majority of options for your website visitors.
Any other browsers that you would like to test for will incur an additional fee and is generally billed hourly as there are unpredictable elements that can be introduced with browser testing.   
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