We love to learn! Here are some of our favorite books on marketing and sales enablement.

Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount

Driving sales requires a combination of inbound marketing and outbound sales strategies. Jeb Blount wrote the book on prospecting. Widely respected for its effectiveness, Fanatical Prospecting outlines practical field and phone prospecting methods based on the latest neuroscience research. Not only do sales reps learn how to be effective, they also master new habits of productivity.

Convergo is proud to be certified to deliver Fanatical Prospecting training. This training is integrated with our drip sequence strategy to deliver new levels of prospecting effectiveness and accountability.

Traction by Gino Wickman

Traction helps our company continually improve results. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a practical operations model that begins with values and strategic planning. It includes quarterly planning meetings. Weekly Level 10 Meetings create a productive forum to identify and solve issues. Everything is measured on a dashboard.

We use the Traction methodology. So do many of our clients. We highly recommend this book!

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

As technology companies add new services and solutions to their offering mix it is critical to present a clear message. Donald Miller sums it up: “If you confuse, you lose!” Unfortunately, that’s what many technology companies are doing these days. Building a StoryBrand gives a practical model to clarify your message.

We’ve found the Story Brand methodology to be a highly effective way to create a message that resonates with prospects. It has become the core part of our framework to help our clients present a clear message.


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