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The Inbound Sales and Marketing Blog

What Is an Inbound Marketing Workshop?

by Lindsay Kelley on July 27, 2015
Recently, I traveled northwest (everything is northwest when you live in South Florida) to take one of our clients through our inbound workshop - one of the first things we do with all of our clients. I love watching heads begin to nod and the beginnings of smiles as we walk through the buyer personas, inbound marketing methodology, and the role each person in the organization will play. Why do we take the time to do this? Because it sets the stage for what can be and should be an important cultural shift in the company. We outline and describe inbound marketing and explain why it is the ultimate solution for qualified lead generation.
Convergo's Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales Leads workshop
Our goal is to explain inbound marketing and why it matters to the entire company. Here's what we cover, using my recent trip as an example.

The Buyer's Journey

First up, the inbound marketing methodology. We’ve coved this topic in previous posts, however it warrants a quick review. The inbound methodology is the process of creating educational, meaningful content to earn your target buyer’s trust. There are four stages:
  1. AttractDo you know the first two stages of Inbound Marketing?  How do you attract and convert customers?
  2. Convert
  3. Close
  4. Delight
The four stages of the buyer’s journey are covered in detail because it's important for the sales team to understand that a more patient approach is required for inbound leads -- and also that this patient approach provides the sales team more ammunition to target a customer's needs (in the hands of a smart sales team, this leads to more and bigger sales). The stages are important to understand as the information the buyer wants is different for each stage. Each stage requires a different level of content to guide the prospect through their journey from
  • drawing attention from an unknown Web visitor (attract) to
  • enticing that visitor to take an action to become a lead (convert) to
  • giving relevant information to that lead so they can make an informed decision to purchase (close)
As we walked through this journey, we reviewed each phase and the types of content that will be created. 


Buyer personas were discussed as well. The group was informed of the personas selected by leadership and we reviewed the top types of search queries of these folks. We mapped their information needs to their journey and explored how Google provides the answers to the questions typed into the “magical Google Search Bar." The exercise following produced a fun and lively discussion as attendees of the inbound workshop came up with their own ideas surrounding what the buyers were searching for online.

Learning Together

Brainstorming is a large part of the workshop. For one of our sessions, we spent 30 minutes brainstorming any and all questions that the buyers ask during the sales process.

To help generate conversation, we count off and reconfigure the workshop attendees to get the departments to mingle. We intentionally break up sitting together by departments to encourage conversations about the different questions customers ask different departments. Frequently, we find that departments live in silos, typically not interacting with each other very often. This session gets them to discover what types of challenges and questions customers present in areas of the business they aren't involved in daily. Getting people out of their comfort zones also leads to hearing about the same challenges, but from a different perspective and that often leads to unexpected insights and ideas for inbound marketing.

Our final session consisted of only the sales department. In this session, we mapped the buyer’s journey to their existing sales process. As we proceeded through that journey, heads nodded and hands raised with questions. (I love questions. I geek out over them.)  


What's This HubSpot You Speak Of?

Finally, we introduced the HubSpot platform and the inbound marketing process in action, highlighting the blogs, calls-to-action, and showing how prospects move along the journey via the company website. What's HubSpot, you ask? From a pure technology perspective, HubSpot is a marketing automation tool.

What's that really mean?

It is the central hub of all our digital marketing initiatives. The place where we post blogs, send lead nurturing email, engage on social platforms, track website visitor’s activities, and score leads. It has it all in one place so we get better reporting, better continuity, and save time in all that we do from a marketing perspective. It is also our sales hub. We can monitor all our sales deals, customer emails, and engagement and get a look inside their online behavior on our website. 

What this means for the sales teams is that they no longer have to sweat how much of the sales cycle they have lost control of due to technological advancements made by the consumer. We’re conditioned now. We look online to find what we want at the precise moment we want it. We’re a "I want it NOW!" society, not a “is this a good time?” society. This is the inbound way - we attract our customers with our content, messaging, and expertise. 

It was a lot for the company to take in all in one day. But it established the foundation for what is to come and prepared the sales team for this new buyer they’re encountering. Its a new sales world - be a part of it.

Like what you see? Click here to request an onsite Inbound Workshop for your business now.

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