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The Inbound Sales and Marketing Blog

The Easy Way to Get Reviews

Asking your clients for Google reviews can be difficult work! For most companies, it takes rewriting your process for seeking client feedback. For others, there's a reluctance to solicit your customers or open up an avenue for negative feedback. 

How To Recruit Great Players To Your Sales Team

As a VP of Sales or Sales Manager of a copier dealership, the number one driver of your success is recruiting a great sales team. If you don’t have great players, you’re going to struggle. A sales team is similar to a college football team. If the team recruits great players they are set up to have a good season. If they fail to recruit great players they are a in a lot of trouble. (With condolences to my friends who are Arkansas, Tennessee, or Nebraska fans this season!)

What can we learn from college football to help us recruit better reps? Here are a few ideas.

Adding a User in Google Analytics

 If you're not familiar with Google Analytics, then you know that it can be very confusing to navigate through the website. Something as simple as adding a new user can seem challenging if you can't find where to do it!

Here are the simple steps to adding a new user on Google Analytics. 

Today's Buyer: What Are They Thinking?

You’ve probably heard this before: a CEB study revealed that buyers are 70% towards making a decision before they want to talk with a sales rep.

Whether you believe the number is that high given the product or service that you sell, unless there is a glaring emergency to make a decision to fix something that stops working, buyers go through a gradual process before reaching out to talk with a rep.

So, how can you become part of that process to increase your chance of winning? I’ll share a few ideas in a second post. Today, let’s get inside our buyers’ heads and see what they’re thinking before they pick up the phone or fill out a contact form.

What Copier Dealer Service Departments Can Learn From Taxis and Uber

On my way to and from the airport to speak to a group of CDA service managers in Austin, TX, I was forced to take a regular taxi since Uber and Lyft are not allowed in Austin for some reason. After several years of not having to endure taxis, I began to see the taxi cab experience from a new perspective. I now have an even deeper appreciation for what makes Uber special.

The independent dealer channel has been built on excellent service. Looking to companies like Uber and adopting what they do right can give us ideas of how to sustain that competitive advantage.

Why You Need More Than Great Customer Service To Win Copier Deals

Originally published by Darrell Amy on LinkedIn Pulse. 
As I talk to dealers around the world I keep hearing frustration that there isn’t more customer loyalty. While our equipment and solutions get more sophisticated, the actual purchase gets more commoditized. There’s too much “me too” and not enough value driving gross profit. This leads to “buying-the-business” deals, frustrated sales reps, and dealerships with thin profits. In all of this, the client misses the opportunity to maximize their return on their technology investment.

Troubleshooting Email Notifications From Your Webforms

With all of the SPAM filters and firewalls that dealers have in place, getting email notifications when your clients fill out a form to request service or order supplies can be a challenge. This can happen for a variety of reasons. If you notice that you are no longer getting email notifications for forms completed, follow the steps below.

What Web Browsers Should Our Dealership Care About?

One of the challenges ever business faces when it comes to website design is taking advantage of the latest graphic innovations while also being compatible with older technology. Companies like Microsoft continue to release new versions of their browser while discontinuing previous versions. Similar to a MFP client that wants to connect their brand new system to a 10-year old desktop computer running Windows XP, older web browsers can present challenges for dealerships wanting to be compatible with all of their clients.

According to W3Schools.com, Google Chrome has 61% of the browser market with Firefox coming in at 23.4%. Together they own almost 85% of all browser traffic.