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The Inbound Sales and Marketing Blog

Managing Great Expectations


In Shakespeare's play All's Well That Ends Well it's said, "Oft expectation fails, and most oft there where most it promises," though the paraphrase of this line may be more familiar: "Expectation is the root of all heartache."

Whether it's in hiring a sales rep or dealing with a client, this line rings true - managing expectations is a key component to a successful business relationship. In this episode of The Funnel - A Sales and Marketing Podcast, John and Lindsay will cover the importance of setting clear expectations with new-hires and with clients to ensure the trust that must exist to achieve success in a partnership is established from the very beginning. 

Inbound Marketing - Debunking Myths and Opening Eyes [Podcast]


This time on the The Funnel - A Sales and Marketing Podcast, John and Lindsay are joined by our very own spectacular Content Conductor Bryant DuhonThe conversation revolves around a parallelism between the parable of six blind men and an elephant and the misconceptions copier dealers have when it comes to inbound marketing (like it's just a fad, it will completely eliminate cold calling, or it's a way to get leads fast but not solid ones).

In this episode John, Lindsay and their guest, Bryant, debunk these misconceptions and discuess some of the most important aspects of inbound marketing - revealing the truths resting behind the myths and opening the eyes of the blind.

Hiring, Training and Onboarding - You Want to Get This Right [PODCAST]


Inbound marketing is changing and molding the landscape of the business world. In order to be successful, we must adapt. This is especially true for small businesses, who have a limited budget. The small business model has changed and achieving success starts with hiring the right sales people and learning how to hire the right sales people. These new hires must be responsible for inbound sales and outbound sales and for treating each as different as they are. 

It takes more than just getting the right people, though. Figure out how to get them up and running quickly through a good onboarding program, examine the process and make sure your employees are able to spend time on the tasks they were hired for, and be sure that success is being analyzed through the metrics that matter. In this episode of The Funnel - A Sales and Marketing Podcast, John and Lindsay cover how small businesses can achieve success and increase sales revenue by hiring the right people, having a good onboarding program, and having them be responsible for both inbound and outbound sales.

Congrats Goldfish. You Have A Longer Attention Span Than We Do. [PODCAST]


Most of us have heard the goldfish statistic, how they only have an eight-second attention span, right? You may even be guilty of using it to explain a person's inability to listen or pay attention, "he has the attention span of a goldfish!" Well, no need for that metaphor anymore. Now you can just say "he has the attention span of a human being surrounded by technology," because we now come in below the goldfish with a seven-second attention span. Living in a digital world means you have the ability to be reading this right now, unfortunately, it also means digital distraction. 

Driving Traffic To Your Website: The Must-Haves [PODCAST]


Count to eight. That's it. That's all the time you have. When a person visits your website, you have eight seconds to tell them how you're going to solve their problem and how you're going to make their life easier. They don't want to read about you. They don't care that your product is the fastest - that doesn't resonate. They care about what your product means in their day-to-day life.

So how do you drive traffic to your website and keep them there? On this episode of The Funnel - A Sales and Marketing Podcast, John and Lindsay offer 8 must-haves on how to improve your website and online lead generation. Listen in and start driving traffic to your website.

The Sales Process And Buyer's Journey: Close the Gap, Close the Sale [PODCAST]


So, you have traffic, you have leads, but you're not closing the sale. This seems to be a common struggle for companies and their sales teams. So where's the disconnect? Most likely, it's a misalignment between your sales process and the buyer's journey. Where marketing is honing in on who the prospect is and their position in the buyer's journey, the sales team is focusing on their standard process. Meaning, a lead comes in and is approached with information or questions that they've either already heard or aren't yet ready to hear. 

On this episode of The Funnel - A Sales and Marketing Podcast, John and Lindsay offer insight on this disconnect and provide suggestions on how to close the gap between the sales process and buyer's journey. Take a listen and start closing that sale.

Client Relationship Recipe: Give A Little, Get A Little [PODCAST]


When it comes to successful client relationships, it's all about meeting in the middle. You've got to give a little to get a little. This time on The Funnel - A Sales and Marketing Podcast, John and Lindsay discuss the perfect recipe for successful, healthy client relationships. Not unlike a marraiage, this recipe contains communication, respect and trust - none of this master-servant stuffEach party is an expert in their field and brings something valuable to the table.The success of a client relationship depends on a two-way street.

Hiring Sales Reps Who Will Go the Distance [PODCAST]


The majority of sales managers, owners and VP's are not trained in the necessary skill set to hire ideal candidates for their sales team. Yet, a large portion of a sales manager's job is to hire sales reps for the company. So, how do you get over this hurdle of hiring reps that will be successful and avoid those bad hires who end up being a waste of time, money and resources?

On this episode of The Funnel - A Sales and Marketing Podcast, John goes it alone, due to some technical difficulties, addressing the process it takes to find, hire and keep those hard to come by sales reps. This is not a fast process, it could take anywhere from 4-6 weeks or even longer depending on the skill set you're hiring for. Keeping that go slow, to go fast mentality while hiring sales reps will be a crucial factor in the success of your results. 

Reduce Sales Turnover - We Found Your Golden Ticket [PODCAST]

Hiring the wrong sales person can cost you $75,000.

And that’s just training, recruitment, and onboarding costs. If you keep hoping that a poor sales hire will “work out” after 90 days; you’re costing yourself even more money. Like anything, to hire the right person for your sales position(s), you need a process. This episode of The Funnel goes into detail on how successfully using an assessment will ensure – 96% of the time – that you hire the right person for the specific position.

You could ignore this success rate and continue on at the current “success” rate of 25% for sales hires based on your instinct.We'll call that the Slugworth option. Or you can use an assessment as your Golden Ticket to a successful sales hire. We'll call that the Willy Wonka option.

Your choice.



Social Media For Businesses: How To Handle The Haters [PODCAST]


Constant connection has become the new normal. It's not uncommon for your boss or your coworkers to tell you to "unplug" when you go on vacation. We owe this constant connection to social media. Social media has redefined customer interaction for businesses forever. Through social media platforms, businesses are able to connect with their customers instantly. Most businesses now have social sharing buttons on their content and websites, one click and they can share with customers or their customers can share with others - now that's connection.

But like all things, you take the good with the bad. Unfortunately, social media for businesses is not free of dealing with negative comments. And while the "don't feed the trolls" advice is still true, you can't pretend negative comments don't exist.Though negative comments have the ability to always feel personal, there are usually two types - personal and constructive. So how should your business respond to negative social media comments? In this episode of The Funnel - A Sales and Marketing Podcast, John and Lindsay will address two types of negative commentary and how to respond to these not-so-nice comments with integrity.