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The Inbound Sales and Marketing Blog

How To Make Your Message Appetizing in a Bland Market

Having grown up in Canada, I love maple syrup. I remember Saturday mornings at the sugar farm. Each spring right as the snow was beginning to melt we’d head out into a grove of maple trees. 

Each tree had a spigot with a small bucket attached. Sweet sap would drip into the bucket. We’d gather that buckets of sap and bring them the the sugar shack.

Straight out of the tree, maple sap tastes like water with a few granules of sugar. When it’s distilled, delicious maple syrup emerges. It takes about 40 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. It’s no wonder that maple syrup is so valuable—and tastes so good.

What Would You Do If 100 Prospects and Customers Were Lined Up Outside Your Business Right Now?

Imagine if you had 100 people lined up outside your business right now. What would you do? Certainly, you’d send someone out to greet them. You’d ask how you could help. You’d get the prospects involved in sales situations. You’d do your best to answer customer questions and send them to support if necessary.

100 people lining up outside your business sound like a dream? What if it happened every day?

Sales Discipline Equals Financial Freedom

“Although discipline demands control and asceticism, it actually results in freedom.”
Jocko Willink

Jocko provides helpful insight for sales professionals and leaders in the final chapter of Extreme Ownership : Discipline Equals Freedom.

If you want the freedom of excellent outcomes, you need discipline. In sales, this means that if you want financial freedom, you need to establish discipline.

The extent to which you embrace discipline will determine your level of financial freedom - avoid discipline and you’ll cause frustration.

Let’s explore some ways that sales professionals and teams can integrate discipline to improve their freedom.

Geometric Growth By Mining the Gold From Your Client Base

Every (smart) business and sales professional wants to sell more to their current clients.

In my favorite marketing book, Getting Everything You Can From All You've Got, Jay Abraham shares the geometric principle of business growth. He says there are only three ways to grow a business.

  1. Get more customers
  2. Sell more things to current customers
  3. Increase the frequency of purchase

The problem is that most businesses only focus on #1. When it comes to #2 and #3, cross selling to current clients usually gets lip service, a page buried on the website, and maybe a specialist. Unfortunately, that’s where the gold lies.

If you only do #1, focusing all your effort on new logos, your business will grow linearly. From a sales perspective, 15% growth requires 15% more new customers. It’s important work and hard work, but 15% growth won’t get anyone too excited -- especially if you had to discount products to convince new customers to buy into your business.

The profitable and dramatic growth happens inside your current customer base by cross-selling additional products and services. This is especially true in mature industries where profit margins on the core offering are dropping. In this scenario, the question we should be asking is, “How can I sell more things to current clients where I have a trusted relationship?”

Fill the Sales Funnel: Capitalizing on Sales and Marketing Trends in 2019

There are only two types of prospects: those who are looking for your products and services, and those who aren’t. If you want to grow sales in 2019, you’ll need to find ways to connect with both groups:

  • Prospects who are actively looking for solutions to their problems need to be able to find your dealership online.
  • Prospects who aren’t actively looking for a solution need to be strategically interrupted by your sales team.

Building an Effective Sales Culture

As the manager of a sales team what is the biggest thing you can do to drive success? The answer may be to build a culture of success. Why? You can only be physically present with the members of your team for a small amount of time. The culture you create is always present.

Create a great culture is like a farmer nurturing the soil for a successful crop. Without proper cultivation, fertilizer, and watering, plants will struggle to grow. Create good soil and plants will thrive.

"Culture isn't just one aspect of the game, it is the game."
- Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Former CEO of IBM

Here are a few thoughts on enhancing your sales culture:

What is a Prospecting Sequence?

You need net-new business to hit your number. Net-new business requires appointments. When sales reps fail to consistently schedule appointments it shows up at the end of the month.

What does it take to get appointments? Could there be a way that is more effective, efficient, and measurable?

Salesforce.com research tells us that it takes 6-8 touches to get an appointment. When it comes to prospecting, the problem is that sales reps rarely get this many touches. Most prospecting is neither strategic nor systematic.

Fortunately there is a better way to make sure your sales reps get multiple touches with prospective clients. We call this a Prospecting Sequence. Here’s what this looks like:

Why the Inside Sales Model Makes Sense For The Office Technology Industry

Every dealership wants to grow net-new business. However, using field sales reps as the sole source of prospecting leads to inconsistent results. That’s why most technology companies outside the office equipment industry have inside sales teams with Sales Development Reps (SDR’s) focused exclusively on developing new business opportunities.

As we’ve been coaching and equipping inside sales teams with the latest automated prospecting strategies combined with monitoring market triggers, I’ve become more and more convinced that inside sales team are an effective strategy  for dealers who want to grow new business. Here’s why:

Want More Appointments? The Trend Is Your Friend

Sales reps and marketing professionals struggle to get attention with decision makers when talking about copiers since these products are viewed as commodities. Yet if we don’t get the attention of decision makers we cannot sell anything.

How do you get the attention of a decision maker? Talk about something interesting to them.

Getting More At-Bats: The New Way To More Buyer's Short Lists

Today as the Arkansas Razorbacks get ready to play in the College World Series there is one thing I know for sure: the more at bats they get, the higher chance they will get on base and score runs.  

Whether you are a business owner, sales manager, or sales rep, you need to be involved in as many deals as possible if you want to hit your goals. In sales, you want to make the short list of vendors under consideration. If you make that list, at least you have an “at bat.”

Here’s the challenge: the way buyers make their short list of potential vendors has changed. If you don’t recognize this, you will miss out on many opportunities for net-new businesses.