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The Inbound Sales and Marketing Blog

Three Managed IT Speed Bumps That May Slow Down Your Dealership's Success

by Darrell Amy on May 3, 2018

You bought a Managed IT company....but now the cash flow is slowing down. These three key areas may be your problem.Most of the copier dealers we serve either have Managed IT Services offerings or are planning to add this to their business. However, in many cases, the growth hasn't accelerated as quickly as they'd planned. And even if the growth has been good, who doesn't want more revenue?

I believe there are three overlooked areas that may be slowing your Managed IT Services growth. These aren't the only speed bumps. However, if you make sure these impediments get removed, you'll create a much smoother road as you ramp up your revenue.

1. You Don't Look a Credible Source of IT Services

Your copier and printer customers know you as a trusted partner for office equipment. However, there is a higher standard of trust required when it comes to taking care of their network and sensitive data. They may have legitimate questions about your competency in this area. To remove this speed bump you need to look and feel like you're highly competent in IT. This beings with your online presence and continues all the way through their interactions with your sales team. In our upcoming webinar we'll explore some simple things you can do to "Pass the IT Smell Test" and look credible to your potential clients.

2. Clients Don't Know You're In The IT Business

If you asked your current clients if they knew about your IT services offering, would they even be aware? Sadly, we trust our sales teams to get the word out. However, they are focused on hitting their hardware quotas. Even if they are spreading the message about your amazing managed IT offering, it probably isn't enough. I've always believed the key to marketing is found on the back of a shampoo bottle: rinse and REPEAT. You need to seize every opportunity to let your clients know you are in this business--especially the ones that are prime candidates for managed IT services. In our upcoming webinar we'll explore creative ways to get the message out to your client base.

3. You Don't Exist in Google

Over 90% of B2B purchases begin with Google search. When potential clients who are frustrated with their network provider or need immediate help go to Google, what do they find? If your dealership doesn't come up on page one of Google (ideally in the top 1/3) you don't exist in the eyes of a potential buyer. We always joke, "Where is the best place to hide a dead body? Page two of Google!" You may have great placement in search for copier-related terms. You also need to invest in Google. In our webinar we'll explore the top search terms people use when looking for an IT provider.

You've invested time and money in your IT business. Make sure to get the speed bumps out of the way and you'll watch your recurring revenue stream accelerate. 

Would you like to accelerate the growth of your copier dealership's Managed IT  Service Program?  Click here to schedule a free, no obligation IT Marketing Readiness Review!

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