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The Inbound Sales and Marketing Blog

A List of the Top 13 Things Your Copier Dealership Can Do in HubSpot for More Copier Sales

by Lindsay Kelley on February 16, 2016

Here’s a Baker’s Dozen of straightforward steps you can take to take control of and improve your marketing efforts (even without us). IF you use a marketing automation platform – we like HubSpot.

  1. Host your website. Host AND be able to actually make changes to the content on the pages without knowing straight HTML code. Drag. Drop. Edit. Brilliant. Control is awesome!
  2. Connect your CRM with HubSpot. CRM, meet HubSpot. HubSpot, meet CRM. Now share contacts and track user behavior nicely together.
  3. Segment your database. Figure out who are CEO Charlie, Lawyer Larry, or Construction Carl - because they all care about different things your copiers can do for them. Then send them offers and useful content they’ll find useful.
  4. Timely and targeted emails. Send out perfectly timed and perfectly targeted sales emails. Instead of trying to remember to follow up with prospects, HubSpot can do it for you. You “just” have to do the leg work to set it up properly.
  5. Sales prospecting. Explore HubSpot’s database of over 23 million prospects and filter them by location, zip code and more. Then import straight into your HubSpot database with one click. No more data entry for sales reps. Example: I want higher education organizations in zip code 33414 with more than 500 employees…oh good - here they are. And you have their employee’s social profiles too? Cool. 
  6. Create nurturing email campaigns for buyers you are targeting. That means settings up email that will provide value to the recipient, not inundate them with copier and printer deals for the month. 
  7. Monitor your website analytics. View how well your efforts are paying off by reviewing the analytics, email opens, social engagement growth, campaign success, and number of deals closed so you can actually close the loop and calculate your ROI. Keep in mind, your CRM needs to be integrated with HubSpot in order to close the loop, which takes time and effort, but its so worth it.
  8. Build out landing pages and forms. Capture info so you can segment and target your audience. Once the visitor clicks on a “Submit” button, you can track their activities and behavior on your website. Powerful stuff when sales reps are trying to strategize a talk track for a sales call. 
  9. Host your blog. In addition to hosing your website, host your blog. There are even built-in tools to help the search engines like your blogs – and you WANT the search engines, especially Google (but don’t forget Bing and Yahoo). Search engines are the gatekeepers of visits to your site.
  10. Social tools. Schedule social media outreach and track most popular messages through the social tool. Personally, I like the social inbox. It’s like your email inbox but for your social media accounts. Instead of trying to corral all of a channel’s messages and answer them inside each social channel individually, you can take care of social business right inside of HubSpot using the social tool. 
  11. SEO view. SEO involves all kinds of “tick marks” - over 200 to be exact. HubSpot’s tool has a checklist of some of the more relevant ones so before you publish a post, you can check to make sure you’ve hit all the SEO highlights.  
  12. Capture leads. “You give me your email address and name, then I’ll give you my super informative eBook.” This ties into number 8. 
  13. Score your leads. That way your sales team works the ones most qualified and leaves the others to continue learning and nurturing. Work the "hot" ones, not the “not” ones.  


Curious about how you can accomplish some of these tactics for lead generation and copier sales growth for your copier dealership? 

Questions about Lead Gen and Inbound? Download our Inbound Marketing eBook here.

Here are some of my favorite inbound lead generation resources:

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