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The Inbound Sales and Marketing Blog

How Do You Use HubSpot? A Dealer Inbound Panel Discussion

by Lindsay Kelley on September 16, 2017


We think about – and share our thoughts about – HubSpot and inbound marketing all the time. While I'm sure everyone is consistently blown away with our insights (we like to tell ourselves!), sometimes it's nice to hear a different perspective.

What better point-of-view than other dealers and how they're using HubSpot and WHY they're using HubSpot – straight from the horses' mouths.

All of us at Convergo were excited to welcome Karisa Danley, West McDonald, and Tammy Bedard (one of our very own clients) to a panel conversation about the in's and out's, pros and cons, of using HubSpot. 

This is the second in a series of blog posts created from the Dealer Inbound Panel. Each blog will cover one of the questions asked of the panel. Answers are lightly edited for spelling and clarity. Read the first in the series, Why Choose HubSpot here.

How are you guys using HubSpot, and what do you use it for at your dealership? Specifically, for lead capture, for service?


Tammy Bedard | Marketing Director | Advanced Systems, Inc.

Those are probably the two biggest things that you hit on there, too. And you could probably answer a lot of these for me, anyway, since you guys deal a lot more with the HubSpot side than I do! But basically within our dealership, we’re using the HubSpot marketing side to generate those leads. We’re also seeing, within HubSpot, a lot of our customers are filling out service requests as well. So, we’re seeing a number of forms being filled out that come through HubSpot requesting service. But the whole goal behind it is to generate the leads for our sales team.


Karisa Danley-955345-edited.jpg   

Karisa Danley | VP of Marketing | Hillard Office Solutions

Kind of the same as Tammy. We use it for service-related requests. In the beginning, we hadn't planned on using it for leads, but it kind of just morphed into that. I use it to communicate with our customers. Anything that’s sent out via email, we do through HubSpot. I can then let the sales guys know who opened their email and what they did from there. This tracking allows me to go back to my boss and say this is what this did for us.

Let me explain really quickly what I mean by the sales reps now being able to see what’s been opened and what pages people are going to.

The emails always have some kind of a link, something that we want them (the customer) to do when they get the email. So, I can go in and look at whose customers are engaged. You can even read it down to if this customer has gotten four emails, and they’ve never opened one of them, is there something else going on there? Do we need to reach back out to them? I just like to let the sales guys know, hey, you might want to check in on this person. Or is there something I need to know or something about the information that we’re sending to them? So I use it for that, the email tracking.

And then, I like to send our guys who has been on the website and where they’ve been. I get the pop ups from Sidekick. I know what people are on our site. And sometimes, I’ll just shoot a little chat to them and say this person is looking here. And I think it helps them. Any information they get, of course, about what their prospects or even customers are doing might tell them what they want to contact them about. 



West McDonald | VP of Business Development | Print Audit

From the lead generation aspect, we’ve never experienced anything quite like it. We call it the buyer’s journey. So, we do have certain triggers set for when certain activities happen in conjunction with each other because, as we all know, somebody being on your website doesn’t necessarily make them a lead. However, if they engage in three or four search behaviors on your website and calls to action, then, maybe that’s somebody that could require your services or expertise. We do have automated triggers set up to alert us on those things and the sales team. And they can go in and actually look at the buyer’s journey. One of the primary things is to help our sales force be much more intelligent in that first call with the customer.

By way of example, we’ve done a lot of stuff with seat-based billing over the years. So, if a client comes into the thing from a blog they read on LinkedIn to our website, and then, they go from the blog to an actual section on the page, which has to do with SBB and then something else. If they’ve touched that four times, we get the alert. And we know that conversation should be around seat-based billing.  

The level of intelligence that it’s put into our sales process, I just can’t say enough about it. That’s our primary reason to use it.


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