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Lindsay Meade

Recent Posts

Google+ Is Dying. What Does that Mean for Your Business?

Come August 2019, Google+ for consumers won't be a thing. We all knew this day was coming. As Mike Elgan puts it in his article for FastCompany:

The Easy Way to Get Reviews

Asking your clients for Google reviews can be difficult work! For most companies, it takes rewriting your process for seeking client feedback. For others, there's a reluctance to solicit your customers or open up an avenue for negative feedback. 

Adding a User in Google Analytics

 If you're not familiar with Google Analytics, then you know that it can be very confusing to navigate through the website. Something as simple as adding a new user can seem challenging if you can't find where to do it!

Here are the simple steps to adding a new user on Google Analytics. 

How to Make it Easier for your Customers to Write a Google Review

We all know that Google Reviews are crucial for digital marketing, online searching and SEO. In our last blog post we talked about the best practices of asking your customers for reviews. Now, we will address how to make it as easy as possible for them to write one. It starts with creating a custom link that directs people to a screen where all they have to do in type in their review and press send. Thankfully, Google makes this possible!

Asking Your Clients for Google Reviews

More and more often, people look to review sites or testimonials before making a buying decision or reaching out to a sales associate. This is why it is critical to have many current, up-to-date reviews that shed you in a positive light.

5 SEO Mistakes You May Be Making

So you're doing some SEO for your website...are you making these common mistakes?

Why Local Marketing is Important

For businesses with a brick and mortar location, chances are that most of your business comes from customers that are physically near you. For businesses that provide products and services to a regionally, this is a given.

Why Your Business Will Benefit from Keyword Research

You have more than likely heard your marketing company talk about keywords, phrases, search terms, etc.

How to Claim Your Google My Business Page and Why It's Important

When you have claimed your Google My Business page your business/website can show up in a couple places.

Do You Need a Website Redesign?

Does your current website serve your business’ needs? A good website needs to be functional and reliable, but a great website is meaningful and convenient for users.

Without a great user experience, you may be missing out on great opportunity to delight your website visitors.