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The Inbound Sales and Marketing Blog

3 Stages of the Buyer's Journey in the Copier Technology Industry

by Dorene Goff on June 16, 2015

3 stages of the Buyer's Journey in the Office Technology sectorFrom your ambassadors, purchasing manager, c-level and IT folks, you sell to a variety of people within your copier/managed IT services dealership. 

Are you aware of the buying stages your prospects go through though?

Let’s go over what we mean when we say “Buyer’s Journey” first. It’s relevant to B2B and B2C purchases. It’s the process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase, where they are actively researching.

When it comes to a buyer’s journey, there is no magic bullet and there are no words of wisdom, because the buyer’s journey is never a straightforward path. Though there is no solution for the challenge on that front, we can walk you through the main stages and the journey they are likely to take. Your buyer will go through three stages. Stage one, which may come as a shock to many of the copier dealer principals we work with, typically begins online, not via cold calling or through prospect emails. 92% of B2B buyers start with an action online.  Primarily, Google is responsible for our prospects’ first phase of the buying cycle. What does Google deliver them? Google delivers relevant, specific content that meets the buyer where they are in their phase of the buyer’s journey.

Here’s a visual of how the buyer’s journey looks: 

The buyer's journey consists of three stages - awareness, consideration, and decision.


1. Awareness stage. Right now, your prospect has symptoms. In this stage of the buying cycle they’re hopping online and researching in order to gain a better understanding of the problem they’re facing. Maybe this means they’re experiencing the pain of computer or copier down time, which is affecting their productivity. This is a symptom, but what’s the problem or opportunity – they haven’t defined that yet. So, in order to frame it, they turn to Google.

2. Consideration stage. Your prospect has been researching online. Through their online research, case studies of others experiencing IT help desk issues or broken copiers along with industry expert blogs, your buyer has learned more about their problem. Now, your buyer can give their problem a name. They’ve defined it.

3Decision stage. Now your buyer has decided on an approach to solve their challenge, or, a solution strategy. They have discovered potential vendor partners online and conducted research on each one in order to determine which ones they feel the most connected and comfortable with digitally and narrows down their choices. Once they’ve completed this they begin the final purchase decision process and reach out to their short list folks.

Did you make the cut? Did you help guide this buyer to identify, diagnose and decide on a course of action by providing valuable research on your website? Maybe you’re unsure of the TYPES of content appropriate for each stage. Let’s take a look. Questions about Lead Gen and Inbound?   Download our Inbound Marketing eBook here


Every part of the Buyer's Journey responds to different content.

Awareness stage: 

  • Analysts reports
  • Editorial content
  • Research reports
  • Expert content
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Educational blog posts

Consideration stage:

  • Comparison whitepapers
  • Podcast
  • Webcast
  • Video
  • Expert Guides
  • Live interactions

Decision stage:

  • Vendor comparison
  • Product/ service comparison
  • Case studies 
  • Trial download
  • Product literature
  • Live demo

Ensure that the content on your website supports the buyer’s journey and make the short list of copier dealers or managed IT service dealers. Learn more about today’s buyer and how to reach them. 

Continue your knowledge! Follow our BLOG for tips and insight into attracting more leads for your sales team. 

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