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      What is #EOS?


Would You Like More Revenue Growth?

To realize the full potential of your business, you need a finely tuned engine that has your sales and marketing efforts firing on all cylinders. Watch short the video below to learn more about the strategy.


How Fast Could You Grow Revenue?

To experience exponential revenue growth, you simply need modest growth in two areas. Look what happens when you get this right.






Turbocharge Your Revenue Growth Engine

Your company has a growth engine. The question is this: “Are all of the cylinders firing?”


Our Proven Process

We can help you identify gaps in your company’s Revenue Growth Engine. Our 


Understand Your Goals

Let’s begin by getting to know each other. Since our goal is to help you drive success we want to learn about the story of your business and your goals for the future. You’ll learn about our strategy. If we’re a good fit for each other, we can schedule a Revenue Growth Strategy Workshop.


Revenue Growth Strategy Workshop

Next we will work together to build a Revenue Growth Strategy with your management team. During the first afternoon we’ll examine each component of your growth engine, looking for gaps, misalignment, and low-hanging fruit. On the morning of day 2 we’ll come back with a report and a plan to fill the gaps. 


Execute Consistently

Next, if you like your strategy and want to work with us, our a team of talented specialists will immediately roll up their sleeves and get to work, coodinating with your team to execute the strategy. 


Quarterly Growth Strategy Review

Each quarter we’ll have a Quarterly Game Plan Review meeting. Together, we’ll evaluate performance, identify opportunities, address challenges, reset quarterly objectives and create a plan for the next 90 days. If at any time we identify an opportunity for you or a need to pivot, we’re agile enough to make that move right away.


Meet the Revenue Growth Team

 For the past 15 years we’ve been helping local technology providers profit from convergence.
Unlike marketing agencies that don’t understand either sales or your industry, our team knows what it takes to drive revenue growth.


Darrell Amy
Chief Innovation Officer


Lisa Dalton
Sales Coaching


Lindsay Meade
Client Marketing


Bill Poole
Growth Strategist



Our strategies help well-led technology companies capitalize on convergence to create a sustainable and profitable future for you and your company.


Improve Using #EOS Principles

We use the Entrepreneurial Operating System in our business. When we meet to develop your growth strategy, we'll begin with the goals and marketing plan in your Vision Traction Organizer(TM).


Create a Sustainable Future

Get found online for everything that you sell and convert the visitors to leads that can grow your business.

Grow New Business Areas

We help your new products, services, and solutions become a core part of your revenue mix.

Improve Client Retention

Tighten relationships with current clients by integrating multiple products, services, and solutions into their operations.

Increase the Value of Your Business

Profitable new revenue streams increase the revenue, EBITDA, and valuation of your business.


Land More Net-New Business

Get more prospecting productivity out of your sales team as they improve their prospecting and time-management skills.

Empower Multi-Touch Prospecting

Drip email sequences for lease upgrades, EDA data, and vertical markets help reps prospect getting multiple touches with target accounts.

Increase CRM Adoption

Maximize sales effectiveness and productivity with change management coaching to improve CRM usage.

Execute Quarterly Business Reviews

Your reps implement a consistent review cadence with key clients to cross-sell services, get referrals, and build client loyalty.


Communicate Consistently With Clients

Stay top of mind with  communication strategies like new client email sequences, monthly newsletters, and targeted cross-sell campaigns

Generate Sales Leads

Get found online for everything you sell and create leads with visitor ID, calls-to-action, and live chat on every page of your website.

Build and Reinforce Competitive Advantage

An effective StoryBrand message backed with consistent execution helps develop your competitive advantage.



Leverage Marketing Automation

We help you choose, configure, and manage powerful marketing automation technologies to drive your growth efforts.

"Like having a team of industry experts on staff."

“The Convergo team is very knowledgeable and brings us best practices from other dealers. Having partners like Convergo that are 10X more exposed to the industry than we are and to be able to say, "What have you guys seen?" is so helpful. It’s like having a team of industry
experts on our staff. You won’t find a company more caring and knowledgeable and it’s hard to find these two things together in a partner.

Andrew Dixon
Advanced Office

"We are prospecting like never before."

Convergo's program with Fanatical prospecting has been a real game-changer. They have helped us by taking out the guesswork. The training has been great and we feel like we have been modernized considerably with our new techniques. We are prospecting like never before and are having much better conversations due to the quality of the training.

Hary Spaight
HGI Technologies

"Expert execution of inbound."

Sophisticated online marketing initiatives requires holistic planning, collaborative development processes, and expert execution. Our new journey into inbound marketing would not have occurred without such confidence in these—hallmarks of a Convergo managed marketing services engagement.

Robert Caldwell


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The world needs great companies that provide meaningful work and give generously to their communities. Convergo helps great companies grow revenue so that they can provide more jobs and give more to their communities.


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