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Your Challenge: Distracted Buyers

Buying behavior has changed. Marketing and sales are struggling to catch up. “Interruption” marketing too often fails as cold calls are ignored, mass emails are deleted, and ads that once were the driver of copier sales are fast-forwarded through. Customers increasingly self-filter news, using Google to research and seek answers before having a sales conversation. If your copier dealership isn’t online, you’re missing these conversations. Consider:

  • 57% of the buying process is complete BEFORE contact with a sales rep
  • 92% of business buying decisions begin online

Recommended Reading

Do you know the first two stages of Inbound Marketing? How do you attract and convert customers?

Attract More Buyers

People have questions and turn to search engines for answers. People trust those who provide honest and useful information. An inbound lead generation strategy goes beyond a brochure website to understanding and addressing the needs of your buyers. When it comes time for them to make a purchase, their research will have already led them to you.

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Experience Matters

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